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Upcoming courses

Lisa Budo Brothers
Leadership Workshops
  • Teaching Topics
  • Deconstructing Technique
  • High Level Growth
  • Martial Arts Culture
  • Keeping Tradition
  • Designing Culture
  • Curriculum Development
  • Modern Teaching
  • Serving Community
Sunrise Punch
Non-Competitive In-Depth Learning
  • Kata Practice
  • Delve into Bunkai Levels
  • Partner Drills
  • Technique Exploration
  • Compare Stylistic Execution
  • Deconstruct Movement
  • Weapons Workshops
  • Guest Instructors
  • Learn Something NEW
3 Punches
College Security Officer Training
  • Un-Sworn Officers
  • Connection/Communication
  • Label, Ask, Suggest, Tell
  • Defensive Tactics
  • Positioning and Blocking
  • Resistive Control Techniques
  • Sworn Officers
  • Mechanics of Restraint
  • Personal Safety Tools


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deepen the journey

Statistics: 1 in 200 will make it to Black Belt


The Result: Every dojo has a SMALL number of crazy talented people


The Reality: Finding challenge at the home dojo is hard


The Goal: Bring together Advanced Students from a variety of schools for training in a non-competitive environment.

Upcoming events & Destinations

How do you feel about Mystery Adventures!


Sunrise Locations are decided upon and shared with current Bushido Karate Dojo members and with people who join our Traveling Dojo Insider Club. 


As the schedule comes to life for Workshops and Events, we will announce - Schedule, Topics and Special Offers - First to the Traveling Insiders through email. 

Jordan and Lisa
Budo Brothers Gi Shureido Tonfa
Bo Staff Beach
Cat Stance Block Renshi Lisa

The Joy of Practice - Renshi Lisa

I began training in martial arts in 1995. I have studied multiple styles and love to practice when I travel. 

In New York City, my family and I did Kata (forms) in Rockefeller Plaza and multiple locations in Central Park.

In Toronto, I was a guest at the Northern Karate School and  I headed to the rooftop of my hotel each morning.

In Italy, I practiced in the center of the Pantheon. 

This photo was taken by a fellow author at a writer's retreat in Vermont.

3-times in the last year we have traveled to the beach at sunrise.

Practice for the Sake of Practice. Beauty of the Place. Passion for the Work.

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